Drain Cleaning:

Clogged storm water and sewer lines can quickly turn from a nuisance into a nightmare, not to mention becoming a public health hazard.

Whether clogging is caused by sewage backup, tree roots or poor storm water pit maintenance, you need someone who can respond with the right experience and equipment.

East MeadowPlumbing Heating and Cooling services include a high velocity water-jetting at pressures up to with a water volume of manyliters per minute. Our unit is able to vacuum any debris generated via vacuum tube through a 360 degrees rotating boom and insert all the debris into a holding tank.

Our unit is also fitted with a unique waste water filtration system. Our tipping procedure is via a 45 degree dumping position and the rear door is fitted with a full width stainless steel strainer, which can decal of the liquids. This saves the customer valuable time and money.